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Istanbul Mediterranean
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Candice F.
Candice F.
2021-11-25 13:55:03
Located in the Grand Bazarre Shops in front of Bally’s Resort and Casino, Istanbul Mediterranean is a small grab and go quick bite food kiosk serving up… read moreread more
Ebay W.
Ebay W.
2021-11-20 14:26:25
Love it. Great food Just customer service no smile But good clean and amazing A must try read moreread more
Veronica V.
Veronica V.
2021-11-15 14:35:55
Came here today at around 1pm, I was pleasantly surprised that I got here and was 4th in line so the wait wasnt too long.Service is the worst. I can do… read moreread more
Mag T.
Mag T.
2021-11-09 13:34:50
Super great food here and large portions. Expect a 20-30 min wait in line as they do get busy. I took a star off because the cashier did not wear a mask…. read moreread more
Sharon T.
Sharon T.
2021-10-25 13:13:49
While this is located on the strip, this is a fantastic dining option for locals as well. I opted for a beef shawarma bowl with lettuce and no rice. I… read moreread more
Nancy N.
Nancy N.
2021-10-18 14:50:05
Walking the strip on our annual trip to Vegas and was getting hungry. Saw this place and said I’ll give it a try. The bf opted for the pizza a few stands… read moreread more
Madison M.
Madison M.
2021-09-22 13:47:22
This place is open until 4 AM!I ordered a Chicken Swarma Bowl: It is bursting with Fresh veggies, crisp romaine lettuce and topped with a generous portion… read moreread more
Scott V.
Scott V.
2021-09-14 22:07:04
MAN! YOU GUYS MADE MY 3-day Vegas stay a wonderful short vacation! As we walked up to the window, an entitled minded customer was giving Daniel a hard… read moreread more
Michelle V.
Michelle V.
2021-08-29 17:59:07
When you see a long line outside a shop, you know it’s good–and/or drunk people are hungry and it’s time to prowl the Strip.After our sad quest for Halal… read moreread more
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Creating the perfect fusion of Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine, Istanbul Mediterranean has become well-known for its gyro, doner, shawarma and falafel. 

If you desire some Turkish Mediterranean food in Las Vegas or are just hungry and want a tasty meal, visit Istanbul Mediterranean. We are ready to host gladly. 

We look forward to having you as our honored guests at Istanbul Mediterranean Restaurant. For years, our guests have been enjoying our famous Halal Mediterranean menu with a great ambiance.

Our specialities

Falafel Wrap

Famous Mediterranean vegan recipe. Wrapped up in fresh and warm pita: served with our White Thathziki, Red Chili Garlic or Tahini Sauce.

Chicken Doner (Shawarma) Pita Sandwich

Tender chicken seasoned with special herbs and spices – sliced and wrapped up in fresh and warm pita; served with our White Thathziki, Red Chli Garlic or Tahini Sauce.

Blog & News

Gyro (Döner)

Gyro (Doner) Grilling a vertical spit of stacked meat slices and cutting it off as it cooks was developed in Bursa in the 19th century Ottoman Empire, and called doner kebab (Turkish: döner kebap). Following World War II, doner kebab made with lamb was present in Athens, introduced by immigrants from Anatolia and the Middle East. A distinct Greek variation…

Doner (Shawarma) Kebab

Doner (Shawarma) Kebab Doner kebab, or in short doner, is known almost all around the world. Sure, ingredients and sauces vary, and often it even comes under a different name. Shawarma, gyros, tacos al pastor, sufllaqe or kabab Torki are some of the derivations of it. But the doner basics remain the same: beaten pieces of meat are seasoned with suet, local…