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From juicy beef and lamb shawarma to savory falafel wraps, our menu is bursting with authentic flavors and fresh ingredients.



Dive into Istanbul Mediterranean's savory wraps! Stuffed with fresh veggies and Halal meats like Chicken Shawarma or Falafel, these wraps are a handheld feast, perfect for a quick yet delicious meal. Experience our authentic Mediterranean flavors wrapped up in warm, soft pita.


Experience the delight of Istanbul Mediterranean's hearty pita sandwiches! Packed with delectable Halal meats or crispy Falafel, fresh veggies, and drizzled with our homemade sauces, they offer an authentic taste of the Mediterranean. Perfect for those who crave a wholesome, tasty meal on-the-go.


Experience the culinary delight of Istanbul Mediterranean's signature bowls. Whether you prefer a bed of golden, crispy fries or warm, fluffy rice, we've got you covered. Loaded with juicy Halal meats, fresh veggies, and our homemade sauces, these bowls offer a perfect blend of health and flavor. Ideal for those seeking a fulfilling, balanced meal that doesn't compromise on taste.


Elevate your meal with our delicious sides at Istanbul Mediterranean. From our creamy hummus, perfect for dipping, to our crunchy onion rings and cheesy mozzarella sticks, there's something for everyone. Don't forget our golden fries for that extra satisfying crunch. Each side is freshly prepared, complementing our main dishes or fantastic to enjoy on their own. Delight in these additional tastes of the Mediterranean!


Quench your thirst with our selection of beverages at Istanbul Mediterranean. Choose from our cooling yogurt drink - a traditional Turkish delight, a range of familiar sodas, and a selection of hot drinks including aromatic coffee and authentic Turkish coffee. Each beverage has been chosen to complement our meals, elevating your dining experience. Savor the refreshing and rich flavors, and feel the spirit of the Mediterranean in every sip!



At Istanbul Mediterranean (Halal) Las Vegas we introduce you the unique flavours and foods from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine.

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