A Great Gift from the Kingdom of Heaven: Mediterranean Grill

Mediterranean grill is one of the most delicious parts of Mediterranean cuisine. Having a central role in world history for thousands of years, this region has also created unique recipes and delicacies for the enjoyment of Roman emperors, mighty sultans, Ottoman rulers, and Spanish explorers. 

These delicious meals are now available in Las Vegas as well with our Mediterranean grill restaurant in Las Vegas. Although this cuisine has a large community of fans in the United States and Las Vegas, it will be helpful to provide some basic information on the Mediterranean grill menu and meals to inform and invite newcomers for first-time experiences.

Istanbul Mediterranean Halal  Menu

What is Mediterranean Grill?

Mediterranean grill comprises tasty recipes with grilled or roasted meat, lamb, chicken, and veggies. This cuisine is typical in the countries that are located in the Mediterranean basin. Hence, it uses particularly olive oil, which enriches the taste of the meals in addition to offering a healthier alternative to other vegetable oils. 

Additionally, these delicious recipes boast the elegant and flavoring touches of citrus, cheese, spices, and local herbs, which will boost the taste of the main ingredients to maximize your eating joy.

Examples from Mediterranean Grill Menu

As the region stretches for many miles between the East and the West, we have formed a rich menu from the best selections of recipes from the Turkish and Istanbul Mediterranean Grill, Greek Mediterranean Grill, and Levant Mediterranean Grill.

Turkish Grill: Fit for the Sultans

Offering excellent recipes that have both influences from the Greek and Syrian cuisine, Turkish Mediterranean Grill has great recipes of meat and pastry.

Beyti Kebab: This Mediterranean halal food comes from the southern cities of Turkey and features a large meat kebab that is wrapped and sliced in thin lavash.

Chicken Gyro (Shawarma) Kebab: This shawarma Mediterranean grill is a famous recipe in the Mediterranean grilled chicken recipes and is served with tasty recipes and a rich salad with colorful fresh veggies.

Greek Grill

Greek Mediterranean grill presents a nourishing and refreshing combination of meat, vegetables, oils, and yogurt.

Beef Wrap: Mediterranean gyro grill is an exceptional taste that everyone should taste. It gathers thin strips of beef, and rich extras, including tzatziki and feta cheese.

Greek Salad: Mediterranean grill menu can not be said to be complete without a Greek Salad. It has olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, and several herbs and other vegetables.

Syrian Grill

As the last representative of the Mediterranean grill in the East, Syrian cuisine offers other attractive meals apart from the famous hummus.

Kibbeh: Made from cracked wheat, Kibbeh is fried and served as a great appetizer.

Chicken Shish Kebab: As a popular dish in Turkey and Syria, this great dish also deserves tasting.

Istanbul Mediterranean (Halal) Turkish Restaurant in Las Vegas

Istanbul Mediterranean Doner Gyro in Las Vegas strip at night

Whether you are a devoted and frequent customer of Mediterranean grill recipes or new to this outstanding cuisine does not matter. You now have a tremendous Mediterranean grill restaurant in Las Vegas where you can enjoy your time while having the mentioned tasty dishes and many other recipes.

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At Istanbul Mediterranean Las Vegas we introduce you the unique flavours and foods from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine.

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At Istanbul Mediterranean Las Vegas we introduce you the unique flavours and foods from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine.

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